Week 3 Activity: Making Zines

Zine making is real fun. A collaboration with myself, Theresa Bradley and Joanna Kurowski.  The title of the zine is ” Colour Me Red


For this activity, you are asked to work in teams to crowdsource and produce a zine (digital or paper) from personal networks and / or within the university:

Step One: Using the comments box below, organise yourselves into six teams and make them official. Consider using digital tools that will speed up communication. I would recommend Slack (Links to an external site.) or you may wish to use Whatsapp or another application.

Step Two: Establish a team leader. This is not everyone’s ideal role but it may be a useful experience for some. 

Step Three: Establish a theme for the zine and create a call for participants: a one-sentence objective you would like people to carry out. Keep in mind your respondents may not have much time to participate, so instructions should be clear and achievable

Step Four: Share the call for participation and collect contributions.

Step Five: Collate images and arrange into a zine. There are no restrictions as to size, style or format for the zine. You may wish to use free versions of online tools (eg Issuu (Links to an external site.) or Madmagz (Links to an external site.)) or go low-fi and make it by hand. You might also wish to produce variations of your zine, if that is appropriate to the concept. When finished, post details of the zine in the comments below. 


Colour Me Red

A Personal Exhibition on Chinese Traditions & Cultures in 3D

3D Modeling on My Exhibition Gallery

I’ve always wanted to do a personal exhibition, which I had done 3 times within 10 years of my photographic journey. Two of which the charity collections were fully given to the Adventist Hospital in Penang, and another a collaborative effort of 4 wonderful friends coming together to exhibit photos around Asia. We called it ” The Forty 5 Exhibits” – 40 photos , 5 exhibitors . . .

This time, with a little imagination and with the help of 3D softwares, I am now able to “visualize” how it would eventually be staged and exhibited in a Gallery. Here’s how I achieved it – animating the entire process of an exhibition walk through.

An computer model sketch of a photo exhibition gallery relating to ” Chinese Traditions and Cultures ” in Asia.

A)    Model sketch was first done in Keynote  . . .


B)    Gallery modelling ideas and layouts were then put into Google SketchUp 3D Design software to achieve an overall 3 dimensional mock up. Final touch up was performed to realism. This process took around 45 minutes.

C)    It was then exported to Lumion 8 software where additional objects were animated in a walk-through. The objects include the following :

i) Lighting  , ii) People  , iii) Furniture  , iv) Animations

D)    Composed appropriate soothing Chinese Music with the use of Logic Pro X in my iMac, using only 2 Chinese instruments, the Erhu and Gucheng.

E)    The result of combining all these elements took around 5 hours to complete. It was achieved with the Apple Keynote software.

Week 5 Activity : Roadmaps

Title of Project : Life I See

A glimpse of what I currently see and encounter on a daily basis, from my home, in my car, at work, at play, time with family and friends, the environmental state and issues. It is knowing yourself in order to improve one’s understanding of others, and how they relate their lives with the environment around them.

Keywords : self, vision, documentation, environment, society, development

Methods / Methodology : Exploring daily routines with shots as I see them. The shots will be from a camera, phone, etc. Planning to set all shots in wide angle. Shots will be placed at eye level.

Number of shoots : No exact number is currently set. It may be many but will select the very best for viewing / exhibition / book printing / etc…

Possible Outcomes : Showcasing in the form of a photo book and exhibition.

Expected Results : I see this as an important milestone for my MA, and it should be as what I intended in the very start – sharing my thoughts, my aspirations, my goals, to the people around me. And by my “visions”, it is hoped that others will learn from it and make good for a better future.

Relationship of this work to my MA : It should be right to say that I started off my MA with re-generation of architecture and communities, and then developed to “first-sight” – a visual representation of our eyes to the world. These have made connections to end with my FMP towards “Life I See”. I would say that without eyes, there’s no vision, and photography is vision for immortality, documenting and informs the journey through life, inspires imagination, a self-esteemed booster, and that it brings one closer to spirituality.

Week 2 : Create A Short Teaser Trailer

” All In The Eyes ”

This short video is just a mock-up fictional story of models that pose in top model magazines. How they have gotten themselves picked up agencies, going through all the roles of becoming a magazine model, and their lives before, now and what the future holds for them.

A silent profession for decades, these models are seen but unheard. They complained of unprofessional working conditions, nonpayment and abuse in the industry. Many use the social media to express their belief that all this seemingly glamorous, the modeling industry remains overrun with much problems that include labor exploitation, sexual harassment, and body shaming.

Their salary ranges an average of $49,000, and most often than not, models are offered payment in the form of clothes. Because models are considered independent contractors, they lack many of the protections reserved for full time employees. The industry’s demographic – young, often female, sometimes foreign and non-English speaking – makes models particularly vulnerable to exploitation. In 2012, a Model Alliance study found 29.7 percent of female models has experienced inappropriate touching at work, and 28 percent had been pressured to have sex at work.

First Sight

by Anna Hempstead Branch
I was born again to-day!

I was fashioned new!
Now my heart is fresh with May
Virginal as dew!

What it was I cannot tell.
Something on my eyes
Exquisitely breathed and fell
And I grew more wise.

Goldenly it breathed and kissed.
Now the world is plain —
All the glories I had missed
In shine and air and rain.

Just a little while before
It was all disguised.
Now the earth seems so much more
That I am surprised.

I could touch and hold and kiss
Everything I see!
Say then, was it always this,
Waiting just for me?

Oh, to think that yesterday
It was shining so!
Yet my poor heart could delay
And my eyes said no!

703 Week 1 : Surfaces & Strategies


What would be my up-coming research project ?

I am trying to get into a more creative process, with the use of photoshop , to tell a story. Hope is what it takes for everyone to achieve one’s dreams one day, and what’s better to show this in a creative double exposure shot. Expression of oneself placed in a double exposure shot relates to an inner feeling towards everyday struggles and goals in life.

Current Interests :

– to photograph everyday life in my community

– to interview and understand their struggles, hopes and dreams

– photographing portraits , landscapes and architecture on how these will be seen as positive or negative developments in both the community and how we live.

– how to develop further to show ( in a single shot ) the emotions , the life , struggles and the future of life.

– pursuing ideas in creating a personal book