Week 5 Activity : Roadmaps

Title of Project : Life I See

A glimpse of what I currently see and encounter on a daily basis, from my home, in my car, at work, at play, time with family and friends, the environmental state and issues. It is knowing yourself in order to improve one’s understanding of others, and how they relate their lives with the environment around them.

Keywords : self, vision, documentation, environment, society, development

Methods / Methodology : Exploring daily routines with shots as I see them. The shots will be from a camera, phone, etc. Planning to set all shots in wide angle. Shots will be placed at eye level.

Number of shoots : No exact number is currently set. It may be many but will select the very best for viewing / exhibition / book printing / etc…

Possible Outcomes : Showcasing in the form of a photo book and exhibition.

Expected Results : I see this as an important milestone for my MA, and it should be as what I intended in the very start – sharing my thoughts, my aspirations, my goals, to the people around me. And by my “visions”, it is hoped that others will learn from it and make good for a better future.

Relationship of this work to my MA : It should be right to say that I started off my MA with re-generation of architecture and communities, and then developed to “first-sight” – a visual representation of our eyes to the world. These have made connections to end with my FMP towards “Life I See”. I would say that without eyes, there’s no vision, and photography is vision for immortality, documenting and informs the journey through life, inspires imagination, a self-esteemed booster, and that it brings one closer to spirituality.

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