A Personal Exhibition on Chinese Traditions & Cultures in 3D

3D Modeling on My Exhibition Gallery

I’ve always wanted to do a personal exhibition, which I had done 3 times within 10 years of my photographic journey. Two of which the charity collections were fully given to the Adventist Hospital in Penang, and another a collaborative effort of 4 wonderful friends coming together to exhibit photos around Asia. We called it ” The Forty 5 Exhibits” – 40 photos , 5 exhibitors . . .

This time, with a little imagination and with the help of 3D softwares, I am now able to “visualize” how it would eventually be staged and exhibited in a Gallery. Here’s how I achieved it – animating the entire process of an exhibition walk through.

An computer model sketch of a photo exhibition gallery relating to ” Chinese Traditions and Cultures ” in Asia.

A)    Model sketch was first done in Keynote  . . .


B)    Gallery modelling ideas and layouts were then put into Google SketchUp 3D Design software to achieve an overall 3 dimensional mock up. Final touch up was performed to realism. This process took around 45 minutes.

C)    It was then exported to Lumion 8 software where additional objects were animated in a walk-through. The objects include the following :

i) Lighting  , ii) People  , iii) Furniture  , iv) Animations

D)    Composed appropriate soothing Chinese Music with the use of Logic Pro X in my iMac, using only 2 Chinese instruments, the Erhu and Gucheng.

E)    The result of combining all these elements took around 5 hours to complete. It was achieved with the Apple Keynote software.

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