Week 3 Activity: Making Zines

Zine making is real fun. A collaboration with myself, Theresa Bradley and Joanna Kurowski.  The title of the zine is ” Colour Me Red


For this activity, you are asked to work in teams to crowdsource and produce a zine (digital or paper) from personal networks and / or within the university:

Step One: Using the comments box below, organise yourselves into six teams and make them official. Consider using digital tools that will speed up communication. I would recommend Slack (Links to an external site.) or you may wish to use Whatsapp or another application.

Step Two: Establish a team leader. This is not everyone’s ideal role but it may be a useful experience for some. 

Step Three: Establish a theme for the zine and create a call for participants: a one-sentence objective you would like people to carry out. Keep in mind your respondents may not have much time to participate, so instructions should be clear and achievable

Step Four: Share the call for participation and collect contributions.

Step Five: Collate images and arrange into a zine. There are no restrictions as to size, style or format for the zine. You may wish to use free versions of online tools (eg Issuu (Links to an external site.) or Madmagz (Links to an external site.)) or go low-fi and make it by hand. You might also wish to produce variations of your zine, if that is appropriate to the concept. When finished, post details of the zine in the comments below. 


Colour Me Red

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