PH704 Sustainable Prospects : DISTORTED REALISM – Work In Progress


The concept of time itself consists of seconds, minutes, day and years. Time passes without stopping, and cannot be studied with a microscope or do an experiment with it. The passing of time is indeed closely related to the concept of space itself. “The theory of relativity, the concept of time begins with the Big Bang, the same way as parallels of latitude begins at the North Pole. You cannot go further north than the North Pole,” says Karl Enqvist, Professor of Cosmology.


My memories of my culture looking out into the sea and sky, with only me standing on the beach. There’s always thought of the past, the present and what the future holds, each passing waves coming onto the shore and backing out, doing it again and again. I’ll make a confession here.
When I was young I used to be glad that I’m an only child. It meant I had everything to myself. No sharing. I can’t help but wish I had an older sibling. A brother or a sister…Someone to pamper …Someone to have pillow-fights with …Someone to bug…Coming to loneliness, I’ve had 50 odd years to get used to it. It no longer even feels like loneliness. It’s life as it always has been.


The light gust of the wind blowing in my hair brings emotions, reminding me about my fore-fathers and mothers…my family…, what it held and how it will hold for me now and the future. Mom died from depression and cancer 5 years ago , and Dad passed early this year from high blood pressure. That leaves only me, my wife, one son. Never will I let my son live a day like me. He is creative, kind and light-hearted., and I’ve learnt not to treat my son how my dad treated me.


On this clear day, I can see as far as the eye can see. There’s no land and there’s no building on the horizon. It’s just the blue sky and the sea. Simplifying it a little further, I’ve kept it all in black and white. I get drawn into looking at the sea and the sky, and it’s a feeling of how simple nature can be, and what mysteries they hold. However, just like the weather, there’s always an up or down days one encounters through life and it is good to reflect and to learn from the outcomes once in a while. Selfie1005

Looking out into the sea, flashes of past war movies developed, and questions of the second world war flashes through. The Japanese invaders coming to shore to attack Penang, people suffered and die, and may well be sunken ships still lying in the deepest waters off the beach.

Simplicity….Black & WhiteThink_924

The perpetual cadence of the vast sea
Stirs a restless desire that engulfs me.
Like an infinite force I dare not impede,
Briefly rushing in – only to then recede.
Beckoning me to leave life’s safe shore,
Into deep waters of mystery and lore.

The seagulls’ cries seem to taunt me,
To follow them over the endless sea,
Where I’d be free to spread my wings
And discover the new life the sea brings.
Yet, fear holds me fast to a familiar place,
Away from the unknown trials I may face.

Even the ocean’s waves seem to conspire,
Relentlessly calling to stoke curiosity’s fire,
As they rumble ashore with impatient haste,
Swirling about my feet with purpose chaste,
Urging me to follow as they return to the sea,
Leaving a luring trail of life or its relics for me.

Shall I boldly explore the sea’s possibilities,
Or allow imagined worries to be liabilities?
Although I cannot foretell all the sea offers,
The strong desire to enrich my mind’s coffers
Begs me to obey the sea’s enticing siren song
And let its wandering currents carry me along.

As the day slowly wanes on the sea’s horizon,
I ponder the sea’s glittering trail to the sun,
Inviting me to watch its vibrant dying light,
Before the day’s life gives way to the night.
Still, I lingered a while after it faded away,
Wondering about the promises of a new day.